La Reine Ring

We love making custom pieces; we love the design collaboration and camaraderie with the customer.  Most of all, we love delivering a piece that's truly unique and truly theirs.


When Kimberley and her husband Phil, long time friends and customers from the East Bay area, asked us to make her a one-of-a-kind suite, we jumped at the chance.  They're art lovers and intrepid travelers with an astute eye for beauty and magnetic charm, so working creatively with them doesn't count as work!


And we have the product to show for it.  We were all so pleased with the result, we begged them to let us offer the collection to all of our customers (in a very slightly modified form).


Available as earrings, a bracelet and a pendant, the ring shown here is cast in 18k White Gold, set with 13 diamonds (.20ctw) and inlaid with hand-carved black coral.


(The Reine Collection can be cast in Yellow Gold or Platinum upon request.)


SKU: R02581WCD