About Brindle & Figg

Adornment, personal decoration and the expression of self through beloved objects with deep personal meaning is as unique and old as humanity itself.

Brindle & Figg hosts a growing number of brands and collections that are designed and curated to give special voice to the authentic you through handcrafted fine jewelry and objects which can only be found here and in our retail partners' stores.

The Materials

Green Amethysts and Rose Quartz, Spiny Oyster and Abalone Shells, Black and Red Tree Corals, Opaque Gemstones, and Naturally Colored Mother of Pearl spanning the rainbow. The palate of stones and metals in Brindle & Figg brands are always surprising but never unapproachable. They dance delicate, whimsical gavottes with the highest quality diamonds and sapphires and aquamarines and amethysts in a display that is as precious, valuable and uncommon as you the wearer.

The Craft

Brindle & Figg’s brands and collections focus on the rare craft of inlay. Far more art than trade, it takes decades of years for jewelers to learn the skill and dozens of hours to make each piece. Meticulously hand carved and fitted into the casting, each stone fits together into a single, flawless, seemingly uninterrupted surface. No detail is too small to escape the jewelers louped eye, ensuring you’re wearing jewelry of unsurpassed perfection.

The Experience

A name, a business card, a direct line phone number and email address, a rapport, a relationship. Whether in one of our retail partner's store or on-line directly with us, every purchase of a Brindle & Figg piece gives you direct access to a Sales Associate who is empowered to speak and act on behalf of the company. Any question you have will be authoritatively answered by a trained, experienced professional. All of our pieces can be made-to-order, bespoke to your fit and size and color preferences, typically at no additional cost to you.