Sunrise Diamond Cuff Links

There is that moment in the early hours when the sun's first diamond rays pierce the coral black sky and you see the world anew.  When you experience it in person, you are bathed in a momentary revisit of creation; and you are invited -- begged, really -- to be filled with everything a new day has to offer: exhilaration and empowerment and the thrill of unmet possibilities and the knowledge of your eminent place in the world.


The Sunrise Collection captures that feeling perfectly.


Just like the sunrise, there is nothing diffident about this collection.  Just like the sunrise, it awes all who see it with majesty and brilliance and warmth.


Out for the evening with a glamorous woman?  You'll be dazzled when she outshines you wearing the coordinating NecklaceBracelet and Earrings


Cast in your choice of 18K White or Yellow Gold
16 Hand-set, VVS1-quality, Brilliant Round cut Diamonds .36ctw 

SKU: C01540xCD
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