About Bernard K Passman

By the time Bernard K Passman received a visit from the Caymanian boys, he had already earned the reputation of a polymath--a reputation which may have carried a bit of eccentricity owing to his limitless curiosity and prodigious talent.

Miami & Early Sculpture

Mr. Passman was a decorated veteran of World War II who made his first fortune as a stock broker and investor. He came to Miami just as it was becoming the Miami of mid-century second renaissance and made his next fortune as a real estate developer.

Never feeling a need to distinguish vocation from avocation, Bernard turned his love and talent for sculpting (which he first found in a pocket knife and the lid of a K-ration box during his service) into notoriety and commercial success. He sculpted in a wide range of media.

Mr. Passman opened a gallery in the famed Galt Mile, Fort Lauderdale in the mid-60’s and received commissions for 21’ tall Presidential Tree sculptures from both the Republican and Democratic National Committees for their respective 1968 and 1972 conventions, each held in Miami Beach.

Cayman Islands & Black Coral Jewelry

Bernard K Passman “retired” with his family to Grand Cayman in the early 70’s. For their part, the Caymanian boys had visited to show Mr. Passman coral branches, proof and trophies of their remarkable free diving skills. Unimpressive dull grey-brown first glance, the young men promised that some turning and polishing would transform the twigs and sticks into a luminescent black deeper than polished ebony wood but easier to sculpt.

From there, Mr. Passman set about creating the only luxury retail brand to be founded in the Caribbean. He was commissioned to make the Cayman Island’s official wedding gift for the 1981 marriage of the Prince of Wales to the Lady Diana Spencer, a 97-piece black coral cutlery set. Subsequent official commissions were granted for gifts to commemorate the 1983 state visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the Cayman Islands (carved black coral Corgis, of course). Prince William received a gift on the occasion of his birth, and the Vatican collections house: a Passman-made black coral crucifix.

Exquisite galleries opened throughout the islands and the United States featuring a dazzling array of sculptures and inlaid 18k gold and platinum jewelry. His limitless creativity has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of collectors who would visit his galleries to purchase truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Brindle & Figg

Brindle & Figg is the exclusive maker and seller of Passman pieces having acquired the exclusive rights to use the original Passman molds and masters, name and trademarks. We employee Jewelers and Sales Associates who knew, learned from and worked directly for Mr. Passman to carry on the authenticity and traditions of this irreplaceable talent.

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