Passman is the only luxury brand founded in the Caribbean. The legacy began in 1975 when its founder and namesake, Mr. Bernard Passman, a man with an established reputation as a renowned sculptor, began working and crafting the Black Coral that local divers were bringing back from the waters near his Cayman Island home.

Mr. Passman discovered that, when polished, Black Coral took-on a sheen that could be paired with the finest white diamonds and inlayed into 18k gold and platinum to make astonishingly beautiful jewelry creations.

Over the past 40 years, Passman has become synonymous with fine Black Coral jewelry. Passman pieces have been accepted as gifts by royalty and Popes, and have delighted hundreds-of-thousands of jewelry lovers around the world.

Passman jewelry is the same as it’s always been: meticulously hand-made by artisan craftsmen and delivered with uncompromising customer service exclusively by Brindle and Figg.

The heritage of two of the most storied families in American jewelry design brings you the finest inlaid gold and silver jewelry.

Eric Grossbardt founded Asch/Grossbardt in 1986 around basic principles: Exquisite Craftsmanship, Well Thought-Out Function and Design, Attention to Detail and Precise Execution.

Brindle & Figg sources natural, exotic, rare gems from around the world for the Asch/Grossbardt collections. Skilled artisans hand cut these gems into seamless shapes, adventurous patterns and striking color combinations – a joyous celebration of the craft of inlay and sophistication with just a bit of rebellion.